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So in English class we had to draw a scene from The Great Gatsby. After the drawings were done the teacher was showing them to the class, and one drawing was a pic of Gatsby reaching towards at the green light, but in the drawing Gatsby didn’t have hands. So my teacher starts saying something like how this picture has hidden meaning and portrays the helplessness Gatsby feels, and the kid next to me just casually says “I can’t draw hands.”

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We need to remember what’s important in life - friends, waffles and work.

words of wisdom from leslie

girl in movie can’t cook; burns roti, too much chilli, basically can’t provide food 4 her partner 

mom looks over to me and exclaims: ‘see this is what happens!!’

sigh bollywood reminding me of my inadequacies 

still can’t make chappati 2k14

I am so upset I missed out on the baggy shirt with leggings and poofy hair phase 

the responses to my one shorthand tweet about a bollywood movie make me LOL
I don’t even know how to reply haha
(qsqt is qayamat se qayamat tak, a 25 year old film, which is basically bollywood’s version of romeo and juliet)



Petition for all the Marvel actors to agree that whenever Scarlett gets a blatantly sexist question one of the Chrises just takes it instead.

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